How important is empowerment and autonomy at work?

A really interesting article from the CIPD here, alarmingly 74% of employees in a recent survey by the ILM stated that they wanted more freedom at work.  34% reported that their work was over-regulated.

What does this mean for employers and managers?  Well, with over half of respondents saying that they may have to leave if culture didn’t change, it really is time to think about giving more autonomy to our employees.  In our work with organisations, we find that there are many managers and senior managers who find it hard to let go, and to trust their people to get the job done effectively without close scrutiny.  Our experience also tells us that this us often and issue with the manager, rather than the employee performance.  We work with managers to focus on what is being delivered, rather than overseeing every step that is taken to get to the end result.

Try focusing on what your people are delivering, you never know, (perish the thought), they may even come up with a method that is more effective and efficient than your own!

Clare Portman

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