Giving up hope for Lent

In a moment when I was feeling particularly low this week, someone asked me if I had given anything up for Lent.

“Yes, hope” I replied.  The answer was intended to come across as slightly sarcastic and cynical, whilst in the back of my mind there was a tiny bit of truth to my statement.

This got me thinking – is there a point at which we should give up hope?

Maybe not in the grand scheme of things, hope for a better world, better weather, peace, a cure, a bit of luck….but what about at work?

What are we hoping for in the workplace? A payrise? Surely we should earn that, not hope for it.  A promotion? The same goes.  A great opportunity?  Well, that’s something that we have to take responsibility for going out to find. A better team? My job is to make the team better.  You see the problem.  It feels like in the workplace, hoping for things just allows us to give up responsibility, assume no control over our own destiny and abdicate trying as some unseen higher force will do it for us.  Is that what I want? Absolutely not.  I am still hoping for a cure, a sunny day etc, but giving up hope at work is giving me back more control and a sense of power over my own destiny.

Clare Portman

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