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A little bit of what you fancy…..

Some very interesting news from People Management for those of us invested in improving employee engagement.  They report that researchers at Oregon State University have identified that people who have a healthy and active sex life tend to have higher job satisfaction and employee engagement levels.  One town in Sweden is discussing the introduction of hour-long [...]

Giving up hope for Lent

In a moment when I was feeling particularly low this week, someone asked me if I had given anything up for Lent. “Yes, hope” I replied.  The answer was intended to come across as slightly sarcastic and cynical, whilst in the back of my mind there was a tiny bit of truth to my statement. [...]

The cat sat on the lap(top)

So, here I am, sat with laptop (on lap, naturally), and my lovely cat decides to demand a rare moment of affection.  Where does he decide to stand? On the laptop – just like all self-respecting cats would.  The laptop is lovely and warm, so he decides that this is the place to curl up [...]

How birthday cake taught me to set expectations!

This week my preschool daughter has a birthday.  As I’m sure you can imagine, the levels of excitment are growing almost minute by minute as we count down to her party, presents and birthday cake.  The cake…….. now here the pressure really starts to mount.  We’ve had plenty of discussion about the theme, colour and [...]

How important is empowerment and autonomy at work?

A really interesting article from the CIPD here, alarmingly 74% of employees in a recent survey by the ILM stated that they wanted more freedom at work.  34% reported that their work was over-regulated. What does this mean for employers and managers?  Well, with over half of respondents saying that they may have to leave [...]

Peopletopia is Five!

Peopletopia is Five!

Read all about our birthday, the importance of taking stock, further evidence of the link between managers and engagement, and our new rapid-learning workshops. Peopletopia turns Five