The cat sat on the lap(top)

So, here I am, sat with laptop (on lap, naturally), and my lovely cat decides to demand a rare moment of affection.  Where does he decide to stand? On the laptop – just like all self-respecting cats would.  The laptop is lovely and warm, so he decides that this is the place to curl up and snooze, occasionally nudging me to remind me to pay him some attention.

Whilst I think our cat is fab, I do have a lot to do, so naturally I pushed him off the laptop and carried on working…..except that I didn’t.  I allowed him to relax there, I tried not to move for fear of disturbing him and revelled in the priviledge of his attention.

Working alone can be tough, especially when you are energised and enthused by the company of others.  It can be really hard to keep focus and to close yourself to the infinite distractions around you, so what do you do?

At Peopletopia, we’re big fans of our tomato timers & find these a really effective way of keeping up the energy and focus, when we’re finding it a struggle.  It’s a really simple technique, and fantastically effective in driving productivity.

We thought that you might like to give it a try too.  1. Set a timer for 25 minutes 2. Commit to focus on the task at hand, and that task alone for the full 25 minutes. 3. When the timer goes off, have a break for a couple of minutes, stretch and prepare for your next 25 minute slot.

Why does it work?  Because we’re only ever committing to 25 minutes of focus, it helps to break down a task into more digestible chunks.  We also find that we really want to achieve something in that 25minutes, so we tend to work fast and more productively for that space of time.

It’s a great technique for all sorts of things – work, filing, tidying, exercise.

How about giving it a try?

I’m off to feed the cat and dig out the tomato timer!

At peopletopia we run workshops on effective working, investing just two hours of your working day could help you to get in control of your to-do list!  Get in touch if you’d like to find out more.




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